Photos by Kate Keating Photography

Hi, I'm Megan!

It’s nice to “meet” you. Since you’re here, let’s talk! First off, I love what I do as a family photographer. I’m an extrovert, so being around people like you is what brings me life. It makes me smile to see you interact and play with your kids, taking time to capture this season of life with them. As everyone says, time with our children flies by as we see them walk their first steps, say their first words, become brave bike riders, make new friends, or take on the world of sports. The list goes on. So, the fact that my photos have the ability to freeze time is a gift I love to give. My sessions are focused on moments together rather than simply posing a smile. Yes, we will do that too, but let’s have some fun as we go. San Luis Obispo offers the most amazing locations to adventure through fields, balance on rocks, jump across logs, splash at the water’s edge or romp around big trees. Let’s do it! As your photographer, we become a team with a hope to allow your kids to be themselves and show off their real smiles and personalities. Let them be, let them play, and let them explore. I’ll be there with my camera, capturing the memories of today. 

A little about me… I live in the beautiful, funky beach town of Los Osos, just outside of San Luis Obispo. I’ve been married to my husband, Mason, since 2013, and we photograph weddings together. Our little world is mainly wrapped up in our family of 3 kids, Leila, Grant and Simon. We love being outside, playing on nature swings, exploring the beautiful nooks of Los Osos, finding hermit crabs at the local tide pools, and biking through our neighborhood. Community is important to us, so we make an intention to invite friends alongside us. So maybe we can become friends too. I hope so!

Trust me, I know how much you want to hold on to every second